Andrew Parsonson

Andrew Parsonson is a space enthusiast and the founder of Rocket Rundown. He has worked as a journalist and blogger for various industries for over 5 years and has a passion for both fictional and real-life space travel. Currently, Andrew is the primary writer for Rocket Rundown as we look to expand our reach and credibility.

Latest News

Astrobotic Technology Peregrine lunar lander to launch aboard first Vulcan Centaur flight.

First Vulcan Flight to Launch Mission to the Moon

United Launch Alliance (ULA) has announced that the first Vulcan Centaur flight will carry the Astrobotic Peregrine lunar lander. In May, Astrobotic was awarded $79.5...
Rocket Lab launch ‘Look Ma, No Hands’ mission aboard Electron rocket.

Rocket Lab Launch ‘Look Ma, No Hands’ Mission

Rocket Lab has successfully launched its ‘Look Ma, No Hands’ mission deploying several payloads for both commercial and military customers. The vehicle also carried...
NASA has proposed a spacecraft that would be powered by a 1,700-square-meter solar sail.

NASA Propose 1,700-Square-Meter Solar Sail Mission

NASA has proposed a deep space mission that would utilise a 1,700-square-meter solar sail to power a spacecraft that would measure the Sun’s magnetic...
SNC to launch Dream Chaser aboard Vulcan Centaur.

Dream Chaser to Launch Aboard Vulcan Centaur

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has selected the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Vulcan Centaur to launch the company’s Dream Chaser spacecraft for six International Space...
NASA has cleared the BEAM expandable module to remain on the ISS through to 2028.

NASA Clear BEAM Module to Remain on Space Station Through 2028

An experimental expandable module added to the International Space Station three years ago has been cleared by NASA to remain docked to the station...