Blue Origin Secure Customer for Massive New Glenn Rocket

Blue Origin ink launch agreement with Canadian telecommunications company Telesat aboard New Glenn rocket.
The latest rendering of the Blue Origin New Glenn rocket design | Image credit: New Glenn

Canadian telecommunications company Telesat has announced a multi-launch agreement with Blue Origin. The agreement will see Telesat launch satellites for its low Earth orbit constellation aboard the massive New Glenn rocket currently under development.

“Telesat is working with a range of world-class companies to build, deploy and operate our advanced, global LEO network,” said Dan Goldberg, Telesat’s President and CEO. “We are delighted to welcome Blue Origin and their New Glenn rocket to the team.”

The exact number of launches or value of the agreement is not yet known.

The New Glenn rocket is a next-generation super-heavy-lift rocket being developed by Blue Origin. The two-stage rocket will stand at an estimated 95 meters and will be capable of launching 45,000 kilograms to a low Earth orbit. The rocket’s first stage is powered by seven BE-4 engines burning Methane and Liquid Oxygen (LOX). The first stage will be reusable landing vertically like a SpaceX Falcon 9. The New Glenn’s second stage is powered by two BE-3U engines and will feature a huge 7-meter faring.

The maiden launch of the New Glenn rocket is expected in 2021 with operational flights to follow in 2022. Once launched, the rocket will become the most powerful rocket currently operational eclipsed only by the mighty Apollo-era Saturn V.

Telesat is just the latest company to ink a launch agreement for New Glenn missions. Blue Origin signed its first deal in March 2017 with French satellite operator Eutelsat. That same year, the company announced additional contracts with OneWeb, and Mu Space. In October last year, the company secured a lucrative Launch Services Agreement (LSA) contract with the Air Force.

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