Boeing admits that a lack of end-to-end testing is blame for Starliner failure.

Boeing Admit Lack of End-to-End Testing to Blame for Starliner Failure

Boeing officials have admitted that a lack of end-to-end testing of the software that controls the Starliner spacecraft was to blame for its anomalous...
The flight maiden NASA SLS launch is likely to slip to late 2021

Maiden NASA SLS Launch Expected to Slip to Late 2021

The maiden launch of the Space Launch System (SLS) is expected to slip to late 2021 according to a top NASA official. During a...
The SpaceX Starship SN1 rocket explodes during testing.

SpaceX Starship Pressurization Test Ends in Dramatic Circumstances

A Starship pressurization test conducted at a SpaceX facility in Boca Chica, Texas ended in dramatic fashion late Friday evening. During late evening testing on...
Northrup Grumman has completed a key test of the OmegA second stage.

Northrop Grumman Complete Key OmegA Test Ahead of Maiden Flight

Northrup Grumman has completed a successful full-scale static fire test of an OmegA rocket second stage. The completion of the test is a key...
Northrup Grumman complete historic docking of satellite mission extension vehicle.

Northrop Grumman Dock First Ever Satellite Mission Extension Vehicle

Northrup Grumman has successfully docked a ground-breaking mission extension vehicle to an Intelsat communications satellite. The Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (MEV-1) was developed by SpaceLogistics LLC,...
Virgin Galactic executives hint that commercial SpaceShipTwo flights unlikely to start this year.

Commercial Virgin Galactic Flights Unlikely in 2020

Space tourism provider Virgin Galactic has hinted that commercial flights aboard the company’s SpaceShipTwo vehicle are unlikely to begin in 2020. On a February...
SpaceX deorbits Starlink 46 satellite.

SpaceX Appear to have Deorbited a Starlink Satellite

SpaceX appears to have successfully deorbited a Starlink communications satellite for the first time. Over the last 12 months, SpaceX has launched 300 satellites as...
NASA has requested ideas from industry partners for the development of lunar rovers.

NASA Requests Lunar Rover Ideas from Industry

NASA has requested ideas for the development of lunar rovers from a broad spectrum of industry partners. The request is part of the agency’s...
NASA awards Maxar a $142 Million to demonstrate in-orbit assembly and manufacturing.

Maxar Wins $142 Million NASA Contract to Demonstrate In-Orbit Assembly

NASA has awarded a $142 million contract to Maxar Technologies to demonstrate the viability of in-orbit robotic assembly and manufacturing. The technology could allow...
Stealth rocket startup Astra plans to build mass-produced “cheap rockets.”

Stealth Rocket Startup Astra Aims to be the FedEx of Space

A California-based stealth rocket startup has revealed it plans to be the FedEx of space in a recent profile. The profile published on

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SpaceX lost a test article during a failed parachute test.

SpaceX Suffer Setback After Losing Crew Dragon Parachute Test Article

SpaceX has suffered a setback in its testing of the Crew Dragon parachute system losing a “spacecraft-like” test article. The test article is used...
OneWeb launched 34 communication satellites despite financial troubles.

OneWeb Continues to Grow Constellation Despite Financial Trouble

OneWeb has added an additional 34 satellites to its constellation despite looming financial worries that could bankrupt the company. The latest batch of OneWeb...
Debris from India’s anti-satellite test remains in orbit more than a year later.

Debris from India’s ASAT Missile Test Continues to Threaten Space Station

More than a year after India performed an anti-satellite (ASAT) missile test, debris from the impact continues to threaten the safety of crews aboard...
SpaceX launch 60 Starlink satellites despite engine failure.

SpaceX Deploy Sixth Batch of Starlink Satellites Despite Engine Failure

SpaceX has added another 60 satellites to its Starlink constellation despite a rare Falcon 9 engine failure. The sixth batch of Starlink satellites was launched...
The maiden launch of China’s Long March 7A has ended in failure.

China’s Maiden Long March 7A Launch Ends in Failure

The maiden launch of China’s new Long March 7A rocket ended in failure late yesterday. The launch appeared to come to an abrupt explosive...