Elon Musk Reimagines Commercial Air Travel

Never one to shy away from the ambitious, SpaceX founder Elon Musk has proposed using the company’s planned BFR rockets for commercial air travel on Earth. The announcement came during the company’s IEC presentation on their updated Mars colonisation plan.

In an equally dramatic Tweet, Musk revealed that the company’s Earth-to-Earth BFR transport could have you anywhere in the world in “less than 60 minutes”. During the presentation, that was further expanding upon with a flight from Hong Kong to Singapore taking just 22 minutes and New York to Paris in just under 30 minutes.

In essence, passengers would be transported from a departure lounge to a launch site. The animation hinted at an offshore launchpad but that would likely depend on the location. Passengers would then board the SpaceX BFR atop its mammoth booster.

On launch, the BFR would rocket into orbit, with the booster detaching and returning to the launchpad for reuse. The BFR would then continue at around 27,000 km/h until reaching its re-entry point. The craft would then re-enter the atmosphere and land upright at the destination’s launch pad.

Sound good? Well, let’s talk about the cost. Only good news on that front. According to Musk, a ticket aboard the orbital superhighway would be about that the same as “full fare economy” on major traditional airlines.

Image Credit: SpaceX

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