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The Rocket Rundown launch site index seeks to index and catalogue every launch site from around the world. Our launch site index is a supplement to our Rocket Index and ensures a more complete on-site index for anyone interested in rockets and rocket launches.

What to expect from launch site index

Phase one of the Rocket Rundown launch site index project included 9 sites from the United States, China, India and Russia. Additional pages are added when resources are available with at least one additional page being added every month.

Each entry in the Rocket Rundown launch site index features a Google map of the area, basic information about the site, the history of the site, and what the launch site is currently being used for. Although we endeavour to ensure our entries remain current, there may be instances when the rapid pace of the industry leaves us a little behind. If you spot an error, let us know.

Add a launch site

Our launch vehicle and site indexes will likely take years to complete. If you’re interested in adding to the Rocket Rundown records with a Wikipedia-style page of a launch site or vehicle, please email Andrew Parsonson at [email protected]. Please send a proposal with the launch site you would like to add to our index before completing the page to ensure that multiple versions of the same pages aren’t created.

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