Rocket Index

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The Rocket Rundown Rocket Index offers a look at every major launch vehicle currently in operation. In addition, the index includes a number of vehicles that are still in development and a few that have been retired. Although currently incomplete, we are adding to the Rocket Index regularly to ensure it is eventually a comprehensive index of every rocket ever launched.

What to expect from the Rocket Index

Rocket Rundown launch provider profiles include a general overview of the provider and the services they offer, a brief breakdown of the provider’s specifics, the rockets they manufacture (with links to our individual launch vehicle entries), and all articles published on Rocket Rundown relating to the specific provider.

Each of our launch vehicle entries includes an overview of the rocket’s specifications, a brief bio on the development and capabilities of the rocket and a launch gallery. These profiles are updated regularly to ensure specifics like launch success rate remain current and informative.

Add to the Rocket Index

Our work on the Rocket Index will likely take years to complete. As a result, if you are interested in lending a hand and adding an entry or two to this historical archive of humankind’s greatest scientific achievements, please contact us or send an email directly to Andrew Parsonson at [email protected].