United Launch Alliance

United Launch Alliance is an American launch provider.

Founded: December 1, 2006
Head Office: Centennial, Colorado, USA
CEO/President: Tory Bruno
Revenue: Unknown
Employees (2016): 3,400

Founded in 2006, United Launch Alliance (ULA) brought together two of the aerospace industry’s titans, Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Boeing Defence, Space & Security. The 50/50 partnership also brought together two of the most experienced launch teams, Atlas and Delta. According to the company’s website, Atlas and Delta represent more than 100 years of launch experience servicing the market for over 50 years across 1,300 missions.

ULA currently offers four launch vehicles including the huge Delta IV Heavy. Additionally, the company is currently developing the Vulcan, ULA’s next-generation launch system. Although the company does offer commercial flights, much of their business comes from United States governmental agencies like NASA and the US Air Force.