McDonnell Douglas

McDonnell Douglas logo.

Founded: April 28, 1967
Defunct: August 1, 1997 (merged with Boeing)
Head Office: Berkeley, Missouri
Founders: James Smith McDonnell and Donald Wills Douglas
Revenue (1996): US$13,8 billion
Employees (1997): 63,639

McDonnell Douglas was a major American aerospace and defense contractor. The company was formed in 1967 merging McDonnell Aircraft and Douglas Aircraft Company. Over the next three decades, McDonnell Douglas was responsible for developing the Tomahawk missile, Skylab and Skylab B, the Apache helicopter, and the Super Hornet fighter jet.

As a launch vehicle provider, McDonnell Douglas developed and produced just two vehicles, the Delta II and the Delta Clipper. The Delta II was the post-shuttle answer to commercial payload deployment and became one of the most reliable launch vehicles of all time. The Delta Clipper or DC-X was an experimental single-stage-to-orbit vehicle that launched 12 times between August 1993 and July 1996.

In 1997, McDonnell Douglas merged with Boeing. Although the name was dropped, Boeing did integrate the McDonnell Douglas logo into their own.