Space Agencies

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The Rocket Rundown agency index is a reference library of national space agencies from around the world. The criteria for inclusion on our agency index is that an organisation must be civilian-run (not military), represent the interests of a nation or nations in space, and have developed, are currently developing or operate an orbital launch vehicle.

What to expect from the agency index

Each of the Rocket Rundown agency index entry features a brief overview of the agency, an examination of its founding, the facilities it operates and notable missions/launches. In addition to this basic format, some entries may feature additional content.

In compiling our Rocket Rundown agency index entries, we examine several sources with priority given to sources directly from the agency in question. Despite our aim only unbiased facts when creating the entries, we do sometimes get it wrong. Should you spot an issue, please email [email protected]. We hope to make the process of compiling and refining the Rocket Rundown agency entries collaborative and transparent.

Add to the agency index

The task of creating and maintaining our reference libraries is a mammoth one. As a result, we deeply appreciate anyone who would like to assist with one or several entries either starting from scratch or adding to an existing entry. If you would like to add to the Rocket Rundown agency index, please send a proposal detailing the entry you would like to contribute to [email protected].