International Space Station LEGO Set to be Created After Topping Fan Vote

An International Space Station LEGO set will be released in 2020.

A fan submission of an International Space Station LEGO set has won the Danish toy-makers LEGO Ideas 10-Year Anniversary competition.

The LEGO Ideas 10-Year Anniversary competition was held from May 20 to June 4. A total of four designs were selected for a public vote including a model of the Disney character Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, a set of mini Sega arcades, and a model of the International Space Station (ISS) submitted by Christoph Ruge of Germany.

The ISS model received 45.6% of the more than 22,000 votes from LEGO Ideas members. The set will now be put through the manufacturing phase to prepare it for production. Although Ruge’s submission did include a completed model design, LEGO stated in a blog post announcing the winner that the design may not reflect the final model.

LEGO plans to launch the set in 2020, which will coincidentally coincide with the 20th anniversary of a continuous human presence aboard the station.

The set will be the third ISS LEGO set created by Danish toy maker. The first was released in 2003 and was a 162-brick set of the station in its still-under-construction configuration. A somewhat exclusive set was then created nine years later. It was part of a partnership between LEGO and NASA and saw flight engineer Satoshi Furukawa of the Japanese space agency build the set aboard the station in 2012. The set was one of a kind and could only be built aboard the ISS as the model would collapse under Earth’s gravity.

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