Moon Express Partners With Nanoracks to Provide Commercial Lunar Access

Moon Express has announced a finalised partnership with NanoRacks that will open up the surface of the moon to commercial customers. The partnership will see NanoRacks providing sales, marketing, and technical support, while Moon Express will supply the landers and mission directives.

“We are thrilled to partner with Moon Express to grow the commercial market and provide world-class customer service on the Moon and beyond,’ said Jeffrey Manber, NanoRacks founder, and CEO. “Our customers are excited about commercial lunar opportunities.” Maber also expressed his faith in the commercial lunar lander provider stating, “We’ll take our cues from Moon Express about where we lead and where we follow.”

“The primary goal of our alliance with NanoRacks is to ensure a great customer experience,” said Bob Richards, Moon Express founder, and CEO. “Our companies share a culture of customer focus, and together we will be able to provide end to end support from payload concept to mission operations.”

The Commercial lunar lander company, Moon Express has been developing and testing a series of lunar lander vehicles since 2010. In 2014, the company was selected by NASA as one of three commercial partners providing the agency with transportation to the lunar surface. The Company also became the first commercial partner to meet the US government’s strict requirements under the Outer Space Treaty to venture beyond Earth’s orbit in 2016. Needless to say, Moon Express’ pedigree and commitment to commercial lunar access are unmatched.

Recently securing NASA funding for a commercial airlock aboard the International Space Station, NanoRacks has had a busy two weeks. The company is best known for transporting satellites and other payloads to the ISS. Since its inception in 2009, NanoRacks has deployed a staggering 580 payloads giving the company one of the most comprehensive launch records in the industry.

The Moon Express and NanonRacks partnership, as a result, seems to be a meeting of industry titans. With this level of pedigree on display, the partnership bodes well for humanity finally returning to the moon for the first time since NASA’s Apollo missions.

Image Credit: Moon Express

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