NASA Inspires Street Fashion

Heron Preston create fashion collection inspired by the visual history of NASA.
The NASA backpack is inspired by the NASA Apollo lunar EVA suits | Image credit: Heron Preston

In an unlikely collaboration, San Francisco based fashion designer Heron Preston has produced a street fashion collection inspired by NASA’s visual history. The “NASA Capsule” collaboration was unveiled late July to commemorate the agency’s 60th anniversary.

The collection ditches the agency’s so called meatball logo for the retro worm logo utilised by NASA from 1976 to 1992. Popular items in the line include high-tech metallic parkas, jackets and trousers. Heron Preston have also produced hoodies, sweatpants, tees, hats and even socks. In addition to the NASA logo and American mission patch, the NASA mission statement is embroidered on the hoodies, sweaters, sweatpants and t-shirts.

Prices range from £55 for a pair of socks to £1,228 for a NASA Tech Parker.

NASA inspire high fashion as Heron Preston commemorates the agency’s 60th anniversary with its Capsule collection.
Red NASA S/S T-Shirt £221 / White NASA Tech Pants £868 | Image credit: Heron Preston

NASA inspire high fashion as Heron Preston creates Capsule collection to commemorate the agency’s 60th anniversary.
NASA Tech Parka £1.228 / NASA Backpack £868 | Image credit: Heron Preston

Fashion designer Heron Preston commemorates NASA's 60th anniversary with Capsule street fashion collection.
Silver NASA Denim Jacket £521 / Blue NASA Cap £521 / NASA Belt £137 | Image credit: Heron Preston

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