NASA Prepares to Launch Mars Lander InSight

NASA is in the final stages of preparations for Saturday’s launch of their newest Mars lander, InSight. The lander will study the deep interior of Mars by drilling deeper than ever before. Researchers Hope the data gathered will help us understand how rocky planets like the Earth and our Moon are formed.

Insight is set to launch aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base on May 5. The launch window will open at 11:05 GMT closing two hours later at 13:05 GMT.

Weather forecasts for Saturday are predicting a layer of fog over Vandenberg during the two-hour launch window. However, NASA officials have stated that the fog is not expected to delay the launch of InSight. Nevertheless, the layer of fog will likely spoil the view for spectators hoping to see the launch for themselves.

The launch will be broadcast live from the NASA Public Education YouTube channel with coverage starting at 10:30 GMT on May 5.

Image Credit: NASA

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