NASA Release 2024 Moon Mission Video Narrated by William Shatner

On the heels of the announcement of a $1.6 billion budget boost, NASA has released a video detailing the agency’s ambitious return to the moon. The video published on YouTube features narration from William Shatner who played Captain Kirk in the original 1960s Star Trek series.

On March 26, US Vice President Mike Pence challenged NASA to return humans to the surface of the Moon by 2024. The announcement marked a significant shift for the agency who had previously been targeting a 2028 launch date. As a result, NASA has looked to garner support from members of Congress and the public alike to attract the funding, political will, and public support the ambitious mission requires.

The video is titled simply, “We are going” is a patriotic plea to support NASA’s mission. It begins with Shatner’s narration outlining the history of NASA’s efforts to reach the Moon and the challenges facing future missions. It continues with input from specialists and other staff from a number of NASA departments. The final moments end with the tagline “We are going” repeated again and again as the music crescendos. As one commenter put it, “If this is the trailer, I can’t wait to see the movie.”

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