NASA Release Launch Schedule for SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-1 Mission

NASA has released the official schedule for the SpaceX Demo-1 launch proceedings.
An artist’s rendering of the launch of the SpaceX Demo-1 mission from the historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida | Image credit: SpaceX

In anticipation of the launch of the uncrewed SpaceX Crew Dragon test mission, NASA has released the official schedule for events leading up to, during and following liftoff. The detailed schedule serves as confirmation that the March 2 launch date is unlikely to suffer further delays.

Launch proceedings will begin tomorrow at 23:00 UTC (18:00 EST) with a flight readiness review briefing at the Kennedy Space Centre. The review will be chaired by NASA associate administrator, William Gerstenmaier and will include representatives from the Commercial Crew Program, International Space Station Program, Astronaut Office, and SpaceX vice president, Hans Koenigsmann.

If the SpaceX Falcon 9/Crew Dragon vehicle is cleared for launch, a pre-flight briefing will follow on Thursday, February 28.

On launch day (Saturday, March 2), NASA TV coverage will begin at 07:00 UTC (02:00 EST). Liftoff of the SpaceX Demo-1 mission will then follow at 07:48 UTC (02:00 EST). Although confirmed, whether or other anomalies could delay this launch time. Following liftoff, a post-launch briefing is scheduled for 10:00 UTC (05:00 EST).

If the launch is successful, the Crew Dragon capsule will rendezvous and dock with the International Space Station at 08:30 UTC (03:00 EST) on Sunday, March 3. Docking will be followed by hatch opening coverage and the station crew welcoming ceremony.

Just five days after docking with the station, hatch closing coverage will begin at 05:15 UTC (00:15 EST) on Friday, March 8. Undocking will follow at 7:30 UTC (02:30 EST) and deorbit and landing at 12:00 UTC (07:30 EST).

The Demo-1 mission will finally conclude with a post-landing briefing. The exact location and time of this briefing are yet to be determined.

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