NASA Release New Artemis Program Logo Celebrating Women

NASA releases new Artemis logo celebrating women.
Image credit: NASA

NASA has released a new logo for the agency’s Artemis program, which will see the United States return to the Moon. The new logo features a depiction of Artemis, the goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology and is a celebration of the women of NASA.

The new logo was revealed by NASA on October 23. With the release of the logo, NASA officials explained that it was a celebration of the women who have and continue to have a major impact on the agency’s human spaceflight program. Additionally, the logo is meant to inspire the next generation of women to pursue their dreams of going to the Moon and beyond

“Her features are abstract enough that any woman can see themselves in her,” NASA explains on a page dedicated to the new logo.

The new logo will not replace the Artemis program’s official logo which was released in July. Instead, NASA will choose when to use the new logo in conjunction with the official logo on a case by case bases.

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