New BBC Film to Reveal Unprecedented Look into the Apollo 11 Mission

BBC to premier 8 Day: to the Moon and Back on July 17
Image credit: BBC

A new BBC film, 8 Days: to the Moon and Back that is set to be released just days before the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing will explore the historic mission like never before.

8 Days: to the Moon and Back was produced by BBC Studios Science Unit in association with Canal+ for BBC and US broadcaster PBS. The film utilises declassified audio from the mission, newly shot reenactments, NASA archival footage, and stunning CGI recreations. The result is one of the most complete pictures of the Apollo 11 mission ever assembled.

“With access to previously classified and little-heard, rare audio recordings and using amazing re-enactment and special effects, 8 Days: to the Moon and Back captures the story of Apollo 11 as it really happened,” said Bill Margol, Senior Director of Programming and Development, PBS. “From these unique audio recordings, we hear, and now can see, the Apollo 11 crew’s real fears and excitement from within the spacecraft, offering an intimate look into the breathtaking and awe-inspiring journey of the most important and celebrated mission ever flown.”

8 Days: to the Moon and Back will premiere on PBS and BBC on July 17.

A number of films documenting the Apollo 11 mission have been released this year already in anticipation of the 50th anniversary. Notable titles include the critically-acclaimed Apollo 11 directed by Todd Douglas Miller and Armstrong, which is narrated by Harrison Ford and is described as, “the definitive story of Neil Armstrong”.

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