Chinese Company OneSpace Launches First OS-X Rocket

Chinese aerospace startup OneSpace has successfully launched their OS-X rocket for the first time. OneSpace was founded in 2015 and plans to offer launch services at less than US$10,000 per kilogram.

The OneSpace OS-X rocket was launched from an undisclosed location in Northwest China at 07:33 local time. It reached an altitude of 40 kilometers and reached Mach 5 during a 265-second flight. The rocket traveled approximately 273 kilometers and fell back to Earth within a designated area.

The diminutive 9-meter tall, single stage OS-X rocket is powered by a single solid-fueled engine. Weighing in at just over 7,200 kilograms, the rocket is capable of producing 350 kilonewtons of thrust at liftoff. OneSpace is also working on an iterative upgrade that will be capable of orbital flights, the OS-M1. The company hopes to launch their first orbital missions later this year.

Featured image credit: China Daily

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