Over 8,500 Air Force Personnel Volunteer for Space Force

The US Space Force has received applications from over 8,500 Air Force personnel.
Screenshot from US Space Force “Make History” recruitment video | Image credit: US Space Force

The US Space Force has revealed that over 8,500 airmen have volunteered to assist with filling the ranks of the fledgling military branch. In total, only 6,000 of those airmen that volunteered will be selected.

A June 9 press release revealed that over 8,500 active-duty airmen had volunteered to serve in the US Space Force. The airmen are from “13 eligible office and enlisted career fields” including space systems operations, acquisition management, signals intelligence, fusion analysis, and geospatial intelligence.

“I am incredibly proud of the men and women who made the bold decision to volunteer to join the U.S. Space Force and defend the ultimate high ground,” said Gen. Jay Raymond, Space Force chief of space operations.

The more than 8,500 transfer applications will be vetted over the coming months and official transfers are expected to begin in early September. In total, only around 6,000 of the applications will be approved for transfer to the ranks of the Space Force.

“It is a critical time for space, and those Airmen will build the Space Force necessary to compete, deter, and win as required to meet the needs of the National Defense Strategy,” said Gen. Raymond.

The US Space Force ranks are currently made up of approximately 16,000 military and civilian personnel absorbed from the former Air Force Space Command. Additionally, Air Guard and Air Force Reserve units “executing space missions” will continue to support Space Force operations while a decision is being made on the reserve component of the new branch.

The next Space Force mission is currently scheduled to lift off aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on June 30 from Cape Canaveral. The launch will carry the GPS IIA-03 navigation satellite.

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