Rocket Lab Add $7,5 Million Gold Coin to Online Store

Rocket Lab has added a $7,5 million Mission Success” gold coin to its online store.
The Rocket Lab $7,5 million triple plated gold “Mission Success” coin comes in Launch Complex 1 and Launch Complex 2 variants | Image credit: Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab has added a $7,5 million triple plated gold “Mission Success” coin to the company’s online merchandise store.

The bulk of the merchandise for sale on the Rocket Lab online store is what you would expect, branded clothing and a mission patch or two. On December 16, Rocket Lab founder and CEO Peter Beck announced the addition of a truly unique item, a $7,5 million gold coin.

Although the product page does not include the coin’s dimensions, Beck tweeted an image of it that seemed to indicate that it’s slightly smaller than palm-sized. As a result, the value of the gold in the coin certainly doesn’t account for the enormous cost. However, a small caveat at the end of the product description does.

Underneath the brief description of the coin, the product page states that the coin is “free with the purchase of a dedicated launch on Rocket Lab’s Electron vehicle.” The coin is, as a result, simply a novel way of promoting the company’s dedicated launch services.

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