SpaceX Starship Teaser Website Appears Ahead of June Presentation

SpaceX are working on a dedicated website for the company's Starship launch vehicle.
Image credit: SpaceX

SpaceX has begun work on a dedicated website for the company’s Starship launch vehicle ahead of an update presentation from the company’s CEO, Elon Musk on June 20. Currently, the website is simply a landing page featuring the words, “Starship” and “coming soon”.

The website was first spotted by an eagle-eyed Teslarati reporter this morning. SpaceX released a similar dedicated website for Starlink just hours before the launch of the first 60 satellites on May 24. The website features images, artwork, videos and additional information on the Starlink system. The Starship website will likely be in the same vein exploring the different uses for the vehicle, which in the past have included everything from deep-space exploration to lightning fast point-to-point transportation on Earth.

Work on the Starship vehicle is continuing at break-neck speed. At least three Starship vehicle prototypes are being constructed and/or tested at the company’s Boca Chica facility and a second recently-revealed secret facility in Florida. The work consists of testing of many of the systems that will eventually enable orbital operations on a suborbital test vehicle, the Starship Hopper and the construction of two orbital prototypes.

SpaceX began development of the Starship vehicle in 2012. The vehicle was originally referred to as the BFR, the Big Falcon Rocket or, more explicitly, the Big Fucking Rocket. Musk hopes the Starship will enable human beings to begin to colonise Mars within the next two decades.

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