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NASA discover two moons of Neptune locked in an orbital ballet.

NASA Discovers Moons Orbiting Neptune Locked in an Orbital Ballet

Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have discovered two small moons around Neptune perform a “dance of avoidance” as they orbit the planet. Naiad...
A NASA OIG report has found that Boeing is charging NASA 60% more for commercial crew seats than SpaceX.

NASA Report Reveals Boeing Crew Seats Cost 60% More Than SpaceX

A NASA report has revealed that the agency is set to pay 60% more for seats to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the...
SpaceX has successfully completed a pivotal static fire test of the Crew Dragon.

SpaceX Complete Pivotal Crew Dragon Static Fire Test

SpaceX has completed a series of static fire tests of the Crew Dragon’s escape system to recertify it for flight. The tests were conducted...
China has successfully launched two orbital mission within three hours of one another.

China Launch Two Orbital Missions Within Three Hours

Early this morning, China launched two orbital missions within three hours of one another. The two missions were launched less than 1,500 kilometers from...
The first SLS core stage has been fitted with its four RS-25 engines.

Artemis 1 SLS Core Stage gets its Four RS-25 Engines

The NASA Space Launch System (SLS) core stage that will be used for the agency’s Artemis 1 mission has been fitted with its four...