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SpaceX to transform Boca Chica village into a 21st century spaceport and resort.

SpaceX Plan to Transform Boca Chica Village into Spaceport Resort

SpaceX appears to be planning to transform the sleepy village of Boca Chica into a 21st-century spaceport and resort. A recent SpaceX job opening spotted...
The SpaceX TinTin B Starlink prototype satellite reentered Earth’s atmosphere.

SpaceX TinTin B Starlink Prototype Meets a Fiery End

One of a pair of SpaceX Starlink prototype satellites has met a fiery end burning up in Earth’s atmosphere after being actively deorbited. The TinTin...
US Space Force award $653 million in national security launch contracts to ULA and SpaceX.

Space Force Awards 5-Year Launch Contracts to ULA and SpaceX

The United States Space Force has awarded five-year launch contracts to national security old guard United Launch Alliance (ULA) and relative newcomers SpaceX. An...
SpaceX launch 10th Starlink mission aboard flight-proven Falcon 9.

SpaceX Launch 10th Starlink Mission with Spaceflight Inc Hitchhikers

In the early hours of this morning, SpaceX launched the company’s tenth Starlink mission carrying 57 satellites. The mission also carried a Spaceflight Industries...
Rocket Lab has announced it will return to flight with a new more capable Electron launch.

Electron to Return to Flight More Capable Than Ever

Four weeks after suffering an anomaly that resulted in the failure of the mission, the Rocket Lab Electron launch vehicle has been cleared to...