US Postal Service Announce Commemorative Apollo 11 Stamps

The US Postal Service has released a pair of commemorative Apollo 11 stamps.
Image credit: USPS

The US Postal Service (USPS) has announced a range of commemorative Apollo 11 stamps to celebrate the mission’s 50th anniversary.

In a press release published on March 20, the USPS revealed the designs of two commemorative stamps. The stamps were designed by long-serving USPS Art Director, Antonio Alcalá and feature iconic images set against a pitch black background.

The first of the two stamps features an image of NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon. What makes the image special is that both the Apollo 11 lunar lander and fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong can be seen reflected in Aldrin’s visor.

The second stamp is an image of the moon taken by Alabama-based amateur astronomer Gregory Rever in 2010. The image features a yellow dot demarcating the Sea of Tranquility, the Apollo 11 landing site.

In addition to the main images, both stamps feature the words “1969”, “First Moon Landing”, and “Forever/USA”.

The exact launch date of the commemorative stamps was not released.

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