VIDEO: JAXA Launch ASNARO-2 Aboard Epsilon-3

The ASNARO-2 Earth observation satellite has been successfully deployed into orbit aboard a JAXA Epsilon launch vehicle. The satellite, once operational will join two other hyperspectral observation satellites and is expected to remain operational for 5 years.

Last launched in 2016, the Epsilon rocket lifted off from Uchinoura Space Center at 21:06 GMT (16:06 EST) on Wednesday, January 18. The launch was initially planned for November 12. 2017 but was delayed due to an electrical fault. It was then again delayed on the January 16 because of poor weather conditions.

Wednesday’s Epsilon-3 launch was JAXA’s first of 2018. The agency’s last launch was late last year on December 22. The launch saw a Japanese H-IIA rocket deploy a pair of climate observation satellites into orbit.

Image Credit: JAXA

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