Update: Russian Zenit-2SB Launches Angosat-1

Update: RSC Energia has confirmed that they have lost contact with Angosat-1. Following its deployment into a geostationary transfer orbit, the satellite successfully established contact according to a statement from the company. However, soon after all communications with the satellite were lost. RSC engineers are currently working on re-establishing communications with Angosat-1. The failure of Angosat-1 comes less than a month after 19 satellites were lost aboard a Soyuz launch vehicle.

Angosat-1 has successfully been deployed into a geostationary transfer orbit following a flawless launch. The satellite was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan aboard a Russian-made Zenit-2SB launch vehicle at 19:00 GMT (14:00 EST).

The two-stage Zenit-2SB launch vehicle placed the Angosat-1 satellite into low orbit 08:37 after liftoff. The Fregat-SB upper stage will now manoeuvre the satellite into its final orbit. Separation from the upper stage is set to occur in approximately 9 hours at which point the satellite will become operational.

Angosat-1 is the first satellite launched for the Republic of Angola and was developed by RSC Energia. The satellite will offer broadcasting coverage in C- and Ku-bands to the country and other regions of the African continent. Angosat-1 will be used for television broadcasting and communications.

Image Credit: ROSCOSMOS

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