About Us

About Rocket Rundown.

Rocket Rundown is dedicated to bringing our readers the most interesting and informative stories of humankind striving to touch the stars. Specifically, our content focuses on following and documenting global efforts of governments and private companies to explore our solar system and beyond.

Mission Statement

We aspire to be the premier source for breaking rocket launch and space exploration news. Additionally, we want to be an information resource for a broad spectrum of people from amateurs to academics. We hope to do all of this while offering our readers an amazing journey through the stars and the technology that will help us get there.


A Commemorative Launch – July 2017
Rocket Rundown was founded on July 20, 2017, marking the 48th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The date holds a distinct reverence for any space enthusiast and we hope that our launch may one day serve to add to that reverence.

Rocket Rundown 2.0 – June 2018
On June 1, 2018, Rocket Rundown 2.0 went live. In addition to a completely redesigned website, the Rocket Rundown 2.0 update launched the Rocket Index. The index sought to be a comprehensive archive of every rocket ever launched in pursuit of reaching the stars.